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THE New York Gospel Stars

The Gospels are back for another Germany tour and once again it's "We are the New York Gospel Stars"!

Gathered to spread the "good news", the New York Gospel Stars have been on stage for over 15 years.

Those who know the New York Gospel Stars know that they live up to their name. Just like New York itself, the Gospel Stars are full of different facets and energies. Performances full of dynamics and emotions make the hearts beat faster. Gospel classics like "Walk in Jerusalem" gain a whole new flair through the voluminous voices of the artists. The popular songs are accompanied by piano and drums. An experience for the whole family!

Through years of experience, the New York Gospel Stars know exactly how to give the love of God, hope, forgiveness and above all strength, even to those who do not understand the language. Because of the feeling and the atmosphere, you will be in the middle of the action.

Especially the closeness and integration of the audience is important to the New York Gospel Stars. Through the personal exchange after the show, you get the ultimate gospel experience!


The New York Gospel Stars are looking forward to perform "God Is on Your Side", "Down by The Riverside" and "Oh Happy Day" for and with you. The 2023/2024 German tour includes more than 60 dates near you.

Be captivated by gospel and experience a spiritual and exciting evening!



Live CD
Joy to the World, Don’t pass me by, Halleluja, Ain’t nobody, Walk in Jerusalem, Oh when the saints, This little light of mine, Holy Holy, Didn’t it rain, His eyes is on the sparrow, Down by the riverside, Kumbaya


Programmheft 2023/2024
Mit Songtexten, Biografien der Künstler, Autogrammseite und weiteres Infomaterial


Studio CD
Are you ready for the New York Gospel Stars, How I got over, Can’t nobody do me like Jesus, Soon I will be done, Joshua fit the Battle, Sweeping through the City, Walk in Jerusalem, My Soul has been anchored, Oh Lord we praise you, Oh Happy Day



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