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THE New York Gospel Stars

They are back again: the New York Gospel Stars!
This year they will once again enthrall their audience with powerful songs and voices all around Germany. There will be some well-known faces but also new singers that bring new energy.
For now 17 years the Gospel Stars perform the most popular gospel classics and touch the hearts of every crowd. The Gospels want to share die „good spell“ and their love to god; what better way to do that than with devoted music?

From „Down by the Riverside“ to „Oh Happy Day!“ – the New York Gospel Stars give every single song their own touch and you can feel that they mean every word they sing. A touching but especially exciting experience fort he whole family!

The tour starts in december with a festive christmasprogram to give us some holiday spirit and changes into a more classic, upbeat but emotional set when the new year started.
It i spart of every show to let go and feel free and celebrate the love to god.

Be there when the New York Gospel Stars are also in your city!
Experience an unique evening of gospel with powerful voices and amazing songs!



Studio CD
Are you ready for the New York Gospel Stars, How I got over, Can’t nobody do me like Jesus, Soon I will be done, Joshua fit the Battle, Sweeping through the City, Walk in Jerusalem, My Soul has been anchored, Oh Lord we praise you, Oh Happy Day


Programmheft 2023/2024
Mit Songtexten, Biografien der Künstler, Autogrammseite und weiteres Infomaterial


Live CD
Joy to the World, Don’t pass me by, Halleluja, Ain’t nobody, Walk in Jerusalem, Oh when the saints, This little light of mine, Holy Holy, Didn’t it rain, His eyes is on the sparrow, Down by the riverside, Kumbaya



Thursday 12.12.2024
Kleve // Stadthalle

Friday 13.12.2024
Bonn // Kreuzkirche

Saturday 14.12.2024
Lippstadt // St. Pius

Sunday 15.12.2024
Duisburg-Rheinhausen // Erlöserkirche

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