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These are the
 New York
Gospel Stars



Starting at the age of 6 Tyrone started pursuing his love for music and joined his local church choir. 

The fact that Tyrone Flowers feels like home on stage should be no surprise – he presents himself with confidence and joyfulness during his live shows. At last he has worked with iconic artists like Whitney Houston, Pettie Labelle, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder himself. 

Tyrone has been part of big musical productions like “Mama I want to sing” or “Queen Esther Marrow” in the past. This brought him the title of “Pavarotti of gospel”. 

He showcases his gratitude and love for God through his music and wants to spread joy, strength and warmth all over the world. Tyrone also expresses that through his occupation as a priest in his local community.



Matia Celeste Washington is a unique vocal artist who combines spirituality and theatricality on stage.

She began humming her uncle's notes on the organ when she was just 9 months old, revealing her extraordinary love of music. She began directing, arranging and teaching choirs at the age of 10.

Her talent led to collaborations with renowned artists such as Childish Gambino, Lizzo, John Legend, Pharrell Williams and many others. A two-time Grammy-nominated composer and lyricist for Cory Henry's albums "Something to Say" and "Operation Funk", she has also directed productions for major shows such as Childish Gambino's "This Is America" tour and WizKid's concert at Madison Square Garden.

But her greatest accomplishment, she says, is touring the world and spreading the message of love, forgiveness and hope.



A voice filled with emotions and a charismatic personality – This is Ahmed Wallace. Starting at the age of 5 he showcased his incredible talent and enchanted his audience.  

In the past he has worked with international stars like Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake, Prince and recently he joined the Jonas Brothers at Saturday Night Live! His talent opened many doors for him. 

Now he has been on stage with the New York Gospel Stars for 15 years. Ahmed has been there from the start – he is one of the most important members of the group and brings joy and enchantment on and off stage. 

He has always shared his faith with others and brings the message of gospel with passion and exhilaration closer to his listeners. 

“I have already reached my musical goals spiritually now it is my purpose to share it with the world.” 

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